C360 LEDs Raise the Bar for RevZilla Video Team

Revzilla is the premier online retailer for motorcycle gear, parts, and accessories. Their video team has recently integrated Fiilex C360's into their production setup. Read the article to find out how the versatile C360 LEDs have minimized production headaches and given the Revzilla crew more freedom to flex their creative muscles.

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NewsShooter Impressed by Matrix II RGBW’s Compact Design and Durable Build in Comprehensive Review

Erik digs deep into the Matrix II RGBW fixture to cover all the bases in his in-depth review! Check it out!

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Indieshooter Shares Matrix II RGBW Impressions, Calls Fiilex the “biggest innovation in LED production lighting”

Check out Indieshooter's article and don't miss their interview with Brian Chiang, Fiilex's VP of Marketing. He provides some great insights into Fiilex's core LED technology.

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Photographer Scott Markewitz Develops New Approach with Continuous LED Lighting

Scott Markewitz has been waiting for a portable, continuous lighting solution for capturing action shots in the field. Recently he took a Fiilex Matrix II Tunable White LED on one of his shoots. Read on to find out how it changed the way he worked.

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Filmmaker Dan Saelinger Creates Eye-Popping Imagery with Fiilex

Dan Saelinger is a photographer and director from Portland, Oregon. Dan began his career shooting stills, but slowly found himself transitioning to video to meet the requests of his clientele. After using traditional tungsten fixtures for his continuous lighting needs, he found that their limitations held back his creative abilities. Now, with the Fiilex Q8 Travel and Matrix II, Dan has both the control and quality he needs to realize his eye-popping, high-contrast style in motion.

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August Bradley Reviews the Recently Released Fiilex Matrix II Tunable White and the Matrix II RGBW

Hi I am August Bradley and I’m going to talk a little bit today about two new lights from Fiilex. Fiilex has had the Matrix, their original panel light. Now we have the Matrix II Tunable White and the Matrix II RGBW. Both of these lights take advantage of the Dense Matrix technology Fiilex is known for.

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No Film School Shares Positive Impressions of the Matrix II RGBW

Charles Haine at No Film School posted a great write-up on our new Matrix II LED fixtures. In addition to the written impressions there's a great 10-minute video where Charles goes in-depth on the fixtures' features and performance, and demonstrates the Matrix II's incredible durability.

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Fiilex Announces two new fixtures: The Matrix II RGBW and the Matrix II Tunable White

Building on the successful Q-series LED fixtures, Fiilex introduces another addition to this best-in-class product line: the Fiilex Q8 Travel. It is the first in the series to come with a customized 8-inch Fresnel lens designed specifically for the proprietary 300W DiCon Dense Matrix LED.

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RedShark News Calls Q8 Travel the “best variable colour LED light we’ve tested so far”

This review of the Q8 Travel from RedShark News is well worth checking out if you're remotely interested in the Q8 fixture, or even Fiilex in general.

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Vayner Media Finds the Perfect Lighting Solution for Their Podcast Studio

Vayner Productions makes almost every type of content. Currently a big focus is podcasts, both video and audio. With podcasters on camera, high-quality lighting becomes necessary, but also difficult in their low-ceilinged studio.

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DP Edgar Martin Shares Lighting Techniques and Reflects on a Career Behind the Camera

Born and raised during the eighties’ and nineties’ heyday of production in Santa Monica, California, cinematographer and director Edgar Martin grew up surrounded by television and film, so much so that he laughs when asked what first made him interested in cinematography. “I was thrown into kindergarten not knowing a lick of English,” he says, explaining that he is the first-generation American son in his family...

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DMXcat Apps now Includes DMX Personalities for Fiilex Lights

The DMXcat from City Theatrical is an indispensable tool for lighting designers and technicians who require a simple means of controlling and testing DMX-compatible lighting fixtures. Once the DMXcat dongle is attached to a compatible light, the fixture can be wirelessly controlled with the various DMXcat mobile apps.

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Stonestreet Studios Overcomes Challenges Using Track LEDs

Gary Bennett, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Stonestreet Studios, is no stranger to FotoCare—a full service photo retail and rental photography shop in New York City. And it was here that Bennett happened upon a demo of the Fiilex (pronounced felix) LED lighting system that really piqued his interest...

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