TJ from Switzerfilm talks about the P360

TJ from Switzerfilm talks about the
Fiilex P360

Hi I’m TJ. I’m a filmmaker with Switzerfilm and, like you guys, we are always on the go. And so when we’re looking for any tool to help us in our filmmaking, we need something that can handle the travel and the crazy shooting schedules that we have.

When we’re looking for a lighting tool, we need something that’s durable, portable, and provides a great quality of light. That’s why we’re excited to tell you guys about the Fiilex P360.

Let’s talk durability. When comparing the P360 casing and housing to similar lights, the P360 stands alone. You can feel the quality and the strength that the P360 has. Unlike these other lights that feel questionably made, I just don’t know if they can handle the stress that I’m going to put this light through.

The P360 on the other hand—it feels ready to work as hard as we are.

When we arrive on set, there’s plenty to worry about. One thing that we can’t afford to worry about is the quality of light, so with the P360, we are really impressed with the consistency and quality of the light output.

For an LED light, one thing you have to really be careful of, is the quality of light from the middle to the edge of the beam. With the P360, you’re going to get this consistent quality of light all the way through. Also when you’re changing intensities on the go, with lower quality LED lights, you’re going to see flickering or waves in the light. With the P360 you see none of that. Also the P360 gives you control. You can control your CCT range from 3000-5600K. This will allow you to adapt to any lighting situation. Daylight, tungsten anywhere in between—you are ready for the situation.

Also the P360 allows you to control the intensity of the light. From 10% all the way up to 100% you are in control. What’s really cool is that the P360 has a ton of accessory options. This will give you anything that you could potentially need, while allowing you to maximize your creativity as a filmmaker.

Alright guys that’s it. We’re really excited to get the P360 out on the road and put it through the Switzerfilm gauntlet. We have no doubts that it’s going to be able to stand up to what we put it through. We hope you guys check it out, and if you need any more information, check out the P360 web page.

Fiilex P-Series web page.

Switzerfilm homepage.

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