Three Reasons Why RC Concepcion Loves the P360

Three Reasons Why RC Concepcion Loves the Fiilex P360

Hey everybody my name is RC. I’m a photographer and videographer with First Shot School, and I wanted to share with you three reasons why I’m excited to use this LED light from Fiilex, the P360.

Number one: build quality.

When you’re looking for light for video, you want to make sure you get something that’s transport tough.

Looking at other lights you can see that materials seem lighter, almost flimsy. The design doesn’t feel very rugged and it makes me wonder how well this is going to hold up when I’m checking it in from location to location.

The Fiilex P360 feels tough. Solid materials, great craftsmanship that you know will take the beating of travel.

RC Concepcion

Number two: light quality.

If you’re trying to use other lights in this range, you’re going to notice that the light will not be consistent from edge to edge. You may start to see drops in the quality of light at the extremes, and that’s not something you want to mess with when making a video.

The Fiilex P360 offers you a beautiful light from edge to edge thanks to its custom array LED design.

And number 3: light consistency.

When working with a light it’s not just about setting it at its brightest setting and leaving it there. You may want to have a light that can go from dim to full power and not have any flickering or stuttering. Try doing that with other lights, you just don’t have the same smooth experience as the P360.

If you want to see more about the P360, be sure to check out it’s web page. Thanks for reading!

Fiilex P-Series web page.

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