Fiilex Announces the Q8 Travel

Fiilex announces their first 8 inch LED Fresnel, the Q8 Travel


  • 8 Inch Fresnel and LED array designed in parallel
  • 12°-60° spot / flood range
  • 340W power consumption
  • Flicker free at any frame rate
  • Smooth, ultra-low dimming down to 0.1% intensity
  • DMX compatible
  • Weather-resistant: IP-24
  • Tunable CCT (2800 – 6500K)
  • Hue control (±0.25 green/magenta)

Richmond, CA, March 15 2018 – Building on the successful Q-series LED fixtures, Fiilex introduces another addition to this best-in-class product line: the Fiilex Q8 Travel. It is the first in the series to come with a customized 8-inch Fresnel lens designed specifically for the proprietary 300W DiCon Dense Matrix LED.

This innovative product offers one of the longest Fresnel zoom range in the industry: 12° – 60°. What is notable is not just the range of the zoom, but also the quality of the light throughout the zoom range. The Fiilex Q8 Travel can flood any wide space with an even spread of light, or focus into a spot with a well-defined edge and uniform beam profile near the center. There is no hot spot at all.

The Fiilex Q8 Travel addresses three major lighting needs of every film/video production. First, it produces high quality light with the ability to smoothly blend with ambient lighting or precisely match lights from other fixtures. Second, it has a solid construction. The robust housing ensures the fixture can withstand harsh transportation conditions and rough handling during rigging. The third is the easy-to-use interface. The LCD display and manual control knobs are sleek, intuitive, and responsive. They allow for accurate adjustments and will help filmmakers establish faster and more efficient workflows on set.

The Fiilex Q8 Travel is DC powered. It works with included AC/DC adapter or can connect to many qualified 48VDC batteries. With all the features mentioned above and a weight of only 16 pounds, The Fiilex Q8 Travel is a great LED lighting fixture for on-location use.

To arrange for hands on product reviews or for additional questions please contact Colin P. King, Director of Marketing ( ).

NAME: Q8 Travel
MAP: $2,995
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