The Fiilex Story

The Fiilex Story

Jeff Lee is a Ph.D. and head of product development at Fiilex. What follows is the second in a series of four interviews in which Jeff talks about what makes Fiilex unique in the world of LED, both in terms of history and technology.

My name is Jeff Lee. I’m a product officer at Fiilex, which is a division of DiCon. I’m also the head of product development and research for our lighting products. DiCon started in 1986 out of Berkeley CA. Through mostly heavy investment in R&D and tech, we’ve grown into a company that’s now about 150 people in the US, and more than 300 people worldwide.

So DiCon is essentially two businesses. One business is the fiberoptic telecom business, and the other business is our LED-based optical fixtures. Our approach has always been to develop core technology – proprietary technology that we can understand and control, and then to build an application around that.

Jeff Lee, Ph.D.

And what we have at Fiilex and DiCon that’s very different from everyone else, is that we have the technology to do all of this packaging, and so we start from the actual chip level. Place them in close proximity on essentially, electrical conducting boards, and then that becomes a module which we put in our fixtures. Typically what other people in the industry do is – they don’t have control over the chips, they don’t have control over the packaging, in fact they don’t have any of the fab to do that. And so what they need to do instead, is they buy pre-assembled modules, and then start with that. So our advantage is that we start from zero – from scratch – and so we can actually even arrange the chips exactly the way we want them. And so we believe that way we start with the right light source.

So we approach lighting from a kind of different perspective, because of our background in the telecom optical world, we’re very used to controlling light on a very small scale. And this fits perfectly with LEDs because they’re all very small. And so when you can control a light on a small scale, what that means is not only can you control how they’re placed, but what colors they are and things like that. That kind of idea is what really drove our Dense Matrix LED array, in which we made everything very small. And so we believe that starting with the right source, which is, in our case, a small source is what you need to in order to control light coming out the front of the fixture.

This has been part one of our series on the tech behind Fiilex. Stay tuned for future installments!

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