Vayner Media Finds the Perfect Lighting Solution for Their Podcast Studio

Vayner Media Finds the Perfect Lighting Solution for Their Podcast Studio

At Vayner Productions we produce almost every type of content. Currently a big focus is podcasts, both video and audio. How we can create that. How we can make unique content in the marketplace. So having the flexibility of lights is paramount for us. Under our roof we’re doing offline editorial, vfx, 2d – 3d pre-vis. We’re shooting our own content in large shooting spaces, so we’re looking for any piece of tech that helps us do that.

With the T360 lights, we thought it was a great option compared to the market. The setup we have allows us to play around with different looks all the time – just tweaking the lights, changing how we tilt them, changing the color, changing how warm they are—allows us to match any branding elements or the elements in the room. They’re flexible and they allow us to change everything dynamically. Everything else in the market was very hot, or clunky. We were worried about existing light, how we would incorporate that with anything in the market. The Fiilex lights were easy to install. We just turned off what we had and attached it to the track, without really changing our environment, or requiring crazy construction. We didn’t have to worry about messing with walls or destroying the ceiling, and now we have a room that’s flexible and pliable and we can change as we need.

Everything from Fiilex has been custom, and the experience designing and working with the team on that has been very easy and customer friendly. It is very technical on their side, but on the Vayner side, we were able to just do a walkthrough of the space, talk about what we wanted—how big the room was. The Fiilex rep took some measurements and followed up with some diagrams and layouts. We talked about it, went back and forth. And it was a quick process and allowed us to get what we need—through the technical folks with them doing the technical work, and we just had to talk about our needs.

T360 LED Fixture

The podcasts we’re creating at Vayner Media are simultaneous video / audio productions. There is a whole setup in here of cameras, along with the excellent T360 lights. We release the content on both mediums—possibly live streaming down the road. So having a proper setup in the studio is definitely very important for us. The Fiilex lighting rig made a huge improvement and it’s very versatile. You can literally interchange the lights and install in any aspect that you want from any angle. And the great thing is that, this room is small, so obviously with strong lights it can get very hot in here, especially when you kill the AC to reduce noise. But that doesn’t happen with the Fiilex lights. They do a very good job of maintaining the temperature while giving you the best quality possible.

Being able to match the light in the background is very easy. These things are very versatile. You can incorporate as much as you want, or as little as you want to match the surrounding environment, and they do a great job at that. In regards to different skin tone and different people looking different ways, the color tunability in the lighting is excellent and puts everybody in their best light.

The T360 lights have been great. We’re very happy with what we have. They allow us to be flexible for every client, every environment. It allows us to change based on any creative need we want. From client to client – from project to project – they allow us to do what we need to achieve the lighting we’re looking for.

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