Lighting Design Consultation with Fiilex

Lighting Design Consultation with Fiilex

It can be difficult to commit to a lighting installation without knowing exactly what you’re going to get. That’s why Fiilex offers a lighting design consultation service. Here’s a quick overview how our lighting design process works from one of our top applications engineers. Sign up for the free service here.

My name is Michael. I have a background in mechanical engineering, and I work for Fiilex as an applications engineer.

Part of my job here at Fiilex is to create lighting designs using specialized CAD software. This software allows me to create rendering images, simulations, lighting calculations, and basically anything that can help with the design process. These designs cover a wide range of projects, from small studios to large studios, broadcast studios, and even museums.

Before I start the design process, I usually have the customer provide me with some basic information.
What are the dimensions of your space?
How many foot candles should hit a specific surface?

Michael Pan – Fiilex Applications Engineer

Based on these specifications I create a 3D space, then I begin by virtually placing lights in that space.
Once the fixtures are in, I can create calculation planes, and generate false color images. These will show the customer where the illumination is, and exactly how bright it is.The final design is used to create a proposal that includes, lighting simulations, renderings, and also a bill of materials with an estimated cost

You can find lighting design software online, but by going through us you benefit from our intimate knowledge of the products. With our expertise, you’ll be able to accurately forecast the cost of your project, and be confident that you are getting the most effective and efficient design for your space.

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